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Why I must be best friends with Busy Philipps

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I’m sure you recognise Busy Philipps from classic shows like Dawson’s Creek, E.R, or Freaks ‘N’ Geeks maybe? How about that girl she played on 2004‘s White Chicks ; the one obsessed with the rich creep, who embarrasses her? There’s a chance you recognise her from ABC’s Cougar Town, alongside Courtney Cox where she played the hilarious party girl/assistant Laurie Keller? Or like me you’re obsessed, and extremely jealous of her friendship with actress and bestie Michelle Williams. It’s understandable to desperately want a Sandra Dee style sleepover with them both ASAP!

busy and michelle

Philipps recently rose to Instagram fame with her unique and entertaining Instagram stories, where she relays her fun filled gym sessions on trampolines (sweating enough to fill a whole bath) and narrates her life in a sitcom style, giving advice and explaining this world that is hers, all the while keeping viewers safe in her pocket as she goes about her LA day to day life. She updates us, weighing up pros and cons like pink hair dye VS voting. Her sarcasm is charming and the captions on her posts never seize to put a smile on followers faces. Philipps is also wife to screenwriter Mark Silverstein and mother of two beauties Cricket and Birdie (I mean come on, how Busy are those names? I love her!)

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“This is not who I am now. This is who I’ve always been.”

She is me and she is you; on that day when you feel spotty, bloated and simply in pain for some unknown reason. She’s not afraid to voice her opinion and her valley girl accent only adds to the chaos that is Busy; this beacon of hilarity and whole foods recommendations. She ricochets from amusing escapades to paid ad posts, equally as much as she captures moments of honesty, recommending good health and self love.

busy phillips

The best part. Busy has now teamed up with her 6’6 giant friend Steve Agee, for their new podcast ‘We’re no Doctors’. Steve and Busy are both known hypochondriacs who’ve joined forces to discuss all things awkward about our bodies. They manage to easily seize a nice blend of tender and horrific storytelling and recall ludicrously funny/scary moments about sickness and near death experiences. More often than not they do so through intriguing anecdotes and vivid description. They discuss everything from childbirth (natural & C-section), legalizing marijuana, to being knocked out. Then come viral infections, stomach inflammation and so on – you name it. A recent episode centred on the dangers of sugar, presents the hilarious good-natured comedian Dean Delray explaining how he juiced himself into diabetes and how he fixed it through healthy eating.

no doctors

Philipps had no qualms in sharing all the details of her own ovarian torsion and hospitalisation while on the set of her husband’s movie ‘‘I Feel Pretty.’ The rare condition left her hospitalised but once more she proved to be a familiar friend. One whose able to share, care and be there and still claim, she’s no doctor.

So go follow her Instagram, subscribe to her podcast and binge on Cougar Town! And then you will understand exactly why, I must be best friends with Busy Philipps now please.

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