Cup of coffee and notepad

”It wasn’t raining yet
But it was definitely
A little misty on
That warm November night
And my heart was pounding
My inner voice resounding
Begging me to turn away
But I just had to see your face
To feel alive.”

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I’m a creative writing masters student. Born in London, England,  I studied English Language and Literature throughout my school life and instantly gained a powerful connection with writing poetry and reading fiction from a very early age. I went on to study Media studies at university and had a keen interest in publishing. I’m currently completing a masters in Creative Writing. My passion has always been in writing and reading, an obvious and definite choice to explore in life.

This blog will review, discuss and refer to texts, films and the media, all things which are of interest to me. All opinions are just that- opinions! It’s a blend of things I’d like to write about, it is a little misty. So, read and enjoy. Please leave a comment if you’d like to and share.

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