Confidently lost in Sabrina Claudio – About Time Review

sabrinacTwo words came to mind when I heard Sabrina Claudio’s ‘About Time’. Milk and honey. Claudio’s sound is instantly intoxicating, permeating the bridge between her last mix tape Confidently Lost and this wistful tale of love and questioning it.

Twenty one year old singer songwriter Sabrina Claudio releases her second mixtape ‘About Time’ at a period when music’s sensuality has been pushed to the brink. Rather than a hard sell her r’n’b melodies, Sabrina writes eloquently on love, youth, identity and time in a soothing angelic tone accompanied with poetic tempo. Sabrina’s voice can be described as moody, romantic and hypnotising. Her songs are perfect to console sadness but also to renew your view on these themes by blooming, wilting, rotting and starting over.


The young singers’ approach is captivatingly mysterious, in that, her lyrics are somehow depersonalised with more focus on the form of the songs. The simplicity of her lyrics are relaxing, so much so that you may find yourself singing the drawn out notes over and over. The tracks house a gritty bluesy tone, with if possible, even more urgency in her tone when discussing the grand theme of love.

Though only twenty one, Claudio’s lyrics are mature and deeply nostalgic – a personal reason as to why I enjoy her music so much. In her fan favourite track ‘I Belong To You’ she muses  ”take care of me, talk all day then at night fall in deep.” It’s melancholic and its simplicity is free of flaws. ‘Unravel Me’ mirrors an analytical Claudio, one with philosophical predetermined ideas about love and ending it. ”And how my mind is ruptured, wired, and I’m tired of it.” She is strong in her pursuit of ending this relationship, and swears he will never unravel her in any way. The enticing ‘I Wanna Know’ will be the one you hum for days on end. Sabrina questions if her touch is felt as heavenly by this man or ”when you look at me, do the voice of angels start to sing?” She asks the questions some women may never ask, and if the answer is not yes, she proclaims  ”I can’t be in love with you.” Though the album is dreamy and bluesy, there are also a few upbeat tracks like ‘Used To’ , ‘Wait’ and the remix to ‘I Belong to You’ ft 6LACK which are sure to make you hit that repeat button.sc2Many have questioned who Sabrina is directing these songs to, and assume she has been through a lifetime of heartache. She says ”with this album, I have had people saying, “Whoever Sabrina is talking about is done with life. I’m not talking about anyone in particular. I’m a pretty non-romantic person in life. I love to write about love, but I don’t like to love in life. I love my family and friends, but when it comes to men, it’s a tough one.”

Sabrina’s music is delicately crafted with intricate vocal arrangements drawing from an array of genre’s, but amidst this she focuses on a R’n’b smooth sound.  She presents this collection in a beautiful fused form reflecting her Cuban/Puerto-Rican heritage angelically through sound. This voice is magnetic and her sound is uniquely dazzling along with her stunning visuals in her music video.


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