I watched Gilmore Girls season 5 again and here’s what I learned:


”She interrupts me, wild-eyed, begging for coffee..”- Lukeseason 5

Snuggly autumn theme, extreme coffee drinkers and boutique inns equals happiness in my world. Having watched every episode of Gilmore girls and loving each and every one wholeheartedly, it tends to get hard when going through withdrawals (I often miss Lorelai) to pick which season to watch again. So, when I randomly chose the rose pink box set, with a cup of coffee in tow, I was not ready for my new understanding of these flamboyant characters. There was such trepidation on my end, simply because it felt like forever since I last watched the aftermath of Rory and Deans unspeakable affair, and honestly, I shocked myself with how much I identified with Lorelai this time round. Here’s what I learned:

season 52The first majorly awkward storyline rears its ugly head as Lorelai and Rory argue for the first time and it’s so so bad! Still, it’s even more uncomfortable to watch knowing they will fall out again down the line again. I relived the shock and dismay I felt the first time – the time when Rory decided to ignore the simple fact that Dean was married. I could sympathize the first time round because all I could think was that Rory was young, she was attached and in love with this six foot heartthrob but now, I suddenly acknowledged and understood Lyndsay’s POV! This was clear and obvious. Anyway, I found myself also in agreement with Lorelai’s in that, this was forbidden and I couldn’t shake how mortified I felt at Rory’s awful plan there. I felt it was extremely uncharacteristic of her the first time and this time it just screamed unacceptable.

Lorelai on the other hand begins the season like a new woman! There’s an obvious spring in her step, a kind of contagious bounce making her seem all the more successful, and as gorgeous as ever. She still drinks too much coffee of course (who doesn’t), and she’s still the most fun mother on earth and maybe too polite to Kirk (it hurts sometimes). She’s got a new man now, new business and for the first time not the one with the relationship complications. There’s no doubt that Lorelai puts out fires constantly, but she does her best to avoid them this season at her dismay.

Rory however begins the season painfully, so much so that she’s almost tainted from the start. Portrayed as weak from the jump, she’s seen as stubborn and a definite brat. Not only does she have an affair with a married man (Dean) and fight with her mother, but she then moves on very quickly to her new rich boyfriend Logan. Her role on the Yale Daily News is pivotal this season, cementing her further career choices to becoming Christiane Amanpour, but there are definitely obvious changes in her character due to Logan and the Life and Death Brigade. She really goes to town with the college experience, slowly leaving behind the importance of Dean and Stars Hollow while embracing the halls of Yale and Logan’s lifestyle unequivocally.  Rory’s sweet nature is so darn contagious though, so we learn to forgive and love her all over again while we join her on her new experiences.

logan etcEmily and Richard are acting weirder than ever, their surprising separation cementing their love ironically and we begin to understand them better as single characters rather than an entity. Similarly, we get the opportunity to dote on Zack and Lane, single and as a couple. Christopher appears to have Houdini like qualities and pops up when he is least needed and wanted. Rory’s initial dismissal of his company is intriguing as there was a time when she and Lorelai would have killed to have him in their lives. The lovely Michel and Sookie are so consistent in their friendship to Lorelai, it’s beautiful to watch from the kitchen and lobby of the Inn. Paris is still one of the most well written characters to me; constant in her pursuit to be the best at everything, even during an unlikely attempt at fasting during Ramadan.

em and richI noticed Luke as more attractive than ever too, now a father figure to Rory, so protective it makes you aww unknowingly. He deals with the Gilmores so well, dinner with Emily, golf with Richard and still remains the sweetest guy ever. Having always been team Jess 100%, I opened my eyes this season and realized Uncle Luke was the main man all along. He’s consistent (backwards baseball cap and all), loving and kind and exactly the kind of man Lorelai needed all along. Their almost perfect relationship distressed me this time because I knew it would be over soon (SPOILER ALERT). Amy Sherman-Palladino, I beg of you, make my prediction true! 2016 is Luke and Lorelai’s year, I feel it.

season 56I genuinely enjoyed the unexpected shocks I had forgotten about, the awkward out of the norm relationships I had grown accustomed to made me feel like I had to pause and remind myself what happened last season. Friday night dinners were no longer the same and I suddenly realized, anything could happen and I would still love this show. The simple fact that I can change my opinion of characters from season to season reminded me how timeless Gilmore Girls is. Thank you Stars Hollow, my age old friend.